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Renegade is able to supply a range of great value drilling polymers and cutting oils from leading regional and international suppliers, including KB International, AMC and Improchem.

We also offer a full range of bio-remedial products for site rehabilitation.

Material Safety Data Sheets
The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each of the products we supply are available as PDF or MS Word documents that can be viewed and downloaded. To view any of the documents, simply click on the product code hyperlink below and it will open in your web browser. To download one or more of the documents, right click on the hyperlink and select either the ‘Save target as…’ or ‘Save Link As…’ option.

AMC Aus-Det Drilling fluid compound, drilling detergent
AMC CR-650 Drilling fluid additive
BENTONITE Filter cake and viscosifier for drilling purposes
BIOSAM Water resistant, biodegradable rod drill grease
Calcium Chloride Drying, dehydrating and desiccating agent for organic liquids & gases
CAP21 Flocculant
Copper Compound Protection against seizure, rust, oxidation and other corrosion
Core Fluid Water soluble core drilling fluid
DRILLFS Flocculant
ECOLUBE-16 Biodegradable lubricant and cutting oil
ECOLUBE-S1 Extreme pressure lubricant for hard or saline water
ENVIRO DRILL Vegetable oil ester and extreme pressure enhanced lubricant
EZYCORE Emulsified vegetable oil esters used for slim hole drilling
Grone Grease Special X Conventional and wireline drill rod lubricant
LHD Grease Underground mining grease
Lithium EP 2 Grease Needle, ball and highly loaded plain and roller bearings lubricant
POLYDRILL Flocculant
ROTAFOAM Biodegradable foam for drilling applications
SlurryShield PBS  
SODA ASH Drilling additive performance enhancer
SOFTSOAP Neutral alkali saponified pasty material derived from vegetable oils